About SolarYou

We are a local company which been in operation for 10 years with solar installations, prior to this 10 years in the UK, we do not use sub-contractors and are always available to help and answer any queries.

What Others Say About Us

Ian and his team have done an awesome job advising and installing our solar system. Rain caused a few delays but we got there in the end. We are on a rural block so everything we do, yes even flushing the dunny uses power. Our most recent bill was $160 where it would have been around the $540-$620. We will be looking at additional battery storage in the near future to take full advantage of the sun whilst looking forward to the possibility in the future of being off the grid – or close to it. Thanks Ian, Simon and team.

Happy customers from Lower Chittering

DON’T BE FOOLED BY ‘SALES TALK’, REMEMBER: “the more it costs the more commission made for a sales team.”

Installation costs will be about the same for every installer and quality of work should be of very high standard as all installers have to be CEC approved, with approvals to cover solar installation, battery installation, off grid installation, all of which carry separate endorsements with the need to attend courses and pass examinations.

Affordable Solar Solutions

Solar energy installations do vary in price considerably even if the identical equipment and materials are used.

The main reason for this is the cost one solar installer may have for;

  • Advertising
  • Salary for Salespersons
  • Overheads

Solar-You do not have salespersons, invest very little on advertising and the result is minimum overheads and customer savings.

Solar-You do not make profit on solar materials or equipment, so we are not biased toward selling higher priced equipment or materials, result customer savings.

All solar equipment currently sold in Australia are manufactured to very high standards, if they don’t meet these standards they cannot be listed on the CEC solar equipment approved list and cannot be connected to the grid not can the government rebate be claimed.

We believe Solar-You offer affordable solar energy solutions from out budget range of solar packages or if you want to tailor your solar energy system with your preferred solar materials and equipment.